Dental Display QA Services

We provide a one-stop source for all your display QA needs:

  • Display Quality Assurance Assessment
  • Display Quality Assurance Reporting
  • Quality Assurance Protocols

It is easy. It is free.

How It Works

After creating an account and filling out dental practice name and address, the user is able to insert all the display devices used in the practice.

Then, for each of the displays, a QA Assessment process can be run unlimited number of times.

For each of the displays, a QA Report can be generated from the assessments' data.

For the dental practice, a Quality Assurance Protocol can be generated.


This site contains absolutely NO Protected Health Information (PHI). Therefore, No HIPAA BBA agreements are necessary.

Display Quality Assurance Assessment

Service subscribers have access to the following test patterns to assess their displays performance for quality assurance purposes.

  • SMPTE Diagnostic Imaging test pattern
  • AAPM TG18-QC test pattern

The following describes the process.

  1. User creates a secure account for the dental practice. This requires some basic information about the dental practice for reports and documentation.
  2. User logs into their secure account.
  3. User creates a record for each display in their dental practice they wish to perform quality assurance assessments by selecting + Add a display device. Enter the information required to uniquely identify the display.
  4. From the Your Displays window the user selects which QA Test to run on which display device by selecting the corresponding Run now button.
  5. An instructions page is displayed to ensure that the test is run correctly.
  6. The test pattern will be displayed along with questions about the display’s performance.

Display Quality Assurance Reporting

The service provides the ability to generate individual reports on quality assurance testing for a single display or for every display in the system. It can also generate the report for any time period requested. The report can serve as documentation for compliance with all state, federal and professional guidelines.

Quality Assurance Protocols

The service provides a written digital dental radiography quality assurance protocol for the dental practice. By making a few selection, a dental practice can produce a written protocol to meet state quality assurance requirements.

In order to use the services provided by Dental Display QA you must create a user’s account with a secure password. These services are absolutely FREE.