Best Practices for Display QA

The dental display quality assurance program is designed to optimize the display of digital images throughout the dental practice; to assure compliance with all state, federal, and professional guidelines; to improve the presentation and diagnostic interpretation of those images; and a total quality assurance solution from calibration to reporting that allows the dentist to concentrate on patient care.

We recommend starting with our FREE qualitative services which are compliant with the ADA Technical Report 1094 and the AAPM TG18 Report. You can start using the FREE qualitative assessment tool by creating a user account on this web site.

To ensure that the ambient light level is appropriate for primary diagnostic interpretation or secondary review of digital radiographic images, use the RightLight Monitor.

To improve diagnostic performance and provide for the highest display quality assurance, implement quantitative assessments using the PerfectLum Dental software and X-rite i1Display PRO colorimeter. You can start quantitative assessments by purchasing the PerfectLum Dental and i1Display PRO Bundle.

Remember: In order to obtain quality assurance for digital dental radiography, every component of the imaging chain should be assessed. The X-ray source can be assessed using the RaySafe ThinX or Solo Dent device. The x-ray sensor/receptor can be assessed using the DDQA radiographic phantom. Both of these devices can be purchased at the Dental Radiology QA website


Want to reduce the amount of radiation you give to your patients and improve the quality of your images?

The Digital Dental Quality Assurance Phantom provides for exposure optimization and image quality assurance for every type of digital intra-oral radiographic system. With this phantom you can ensure that you are using the lowest amount of radiation to produce images of the highest diagnostic quality. The phantom is ADA TR-1094 Report and AAPM TG-175 compliant.

For more information go to the Dental Radiology QA website.

News Update
American Association of Physicist in Medicine (AAPM) Task Group 175 releases report entitled “Acceptance Testing and Quality Control of Dental Imaging Equipment”. The intent of this report is to provide useful information and guidance for performing acceptance testing and quality control of dental imaging equipment. It is important to properly perform tests for image quality and safety purposes right after the installation and during routine operation of a dental x-ray unit. Having a quality control (QC) program for dental x-ray facilities is instrumental in ensuring that patients are not receiving excessive radiation during their examination. Recommendations for specific parameter evaluations and practical procedures for quality control evaluations of dental imaging equipment are described. You can download the complete report at